Fourth Series

Publications: Fourth Series

Fourth Series Volume I [1955]
The Committee at Stafford 1643-1645. The Order Book of the Staffordshire
County Committee
pp. 1-389
Donald Henshaw Pennington
Ivan Alan Roots

Fourth Series Volume II [1958]

The Gentry of Staffordshire 1662-3. Transcribed from Manuscript 100/1 in
the Staffordshire Record Office
pp. 1-41
Ruth M. Kidson

Active Parliamentarians During the Civil Wars, List compiled in 1662
Transcribed from State Paper Domestic SP 29/58/73 in the Public Record
pp. 43-70
Ruth M. Kidson

List of Staffordshire Recusants 1657. Transcribed from manuscript
Q/RRr among the Quarter Sessions Records in the Staffordshire Record
pp. 71-99
Michael Washington Greenslade

Fourth Series Volume III [1960]

The Registrations of Dissenting Chapels and Meeting Houses in
Staffordshire 1689-1853 extracted from the Return in the General
Register Office made under the Protestant Dissenters Act of 1852 (15 and
16 Vic c. 36)
pp. 1-160
Barbara Donaldson

Fourth Series Volume IV [1962]
The Cartulary of Tutbury Priory
pp. 1-289
Avrom Saltman

Fourth Series Volume V [1969]
Probate Inventories of Lichfield and District 1568-1680
pp. 1-307
David George Vaisey

Fourth Series Volume VI [1970]

Essays in Staffordshire History presented to S. A. H. Burne
pp. 1-280
Michael Washington Greenslade

S A H Burne: a Biographical Note
pp. viii-ix
James Sidney Horne

Some Staffordshire Poll Tax Returns
pp. 1-25
Laura Margaret Midgley

Church Lighting in Staffordshire since the Reformation
pp. 26-65
Robert Sherlock

Staffordshire Quarter Sessions: Archives and Procedure in the Earlier
17th Century
pp. 66-85
S. C. Newton

Shugborough, the End of a Village
pp. 86-110
Frederick Blair Stitt

Steam Engine Bache 1670-1712
pp. 111-114
John S. Roper

The Struggle for the Lichfield Interest 1747-1768
pp. 115-135
Ann J. Kettle

Sir Edward Littleton’s Fox Hunting Diary 1774-89
pp. 136-170
M. W. Farr

William Moreton of Willenhall
pp. 171-185
Norman William Tildesley

Joshua Drewry and the first Stafford Newspapers
pp. 186-208
Douglas A. Johnson

The Pledge of Patriotism: Staffordshire and the Voluntary Contribution, 1798
pp. 209-223
David George Vaisey

Stebbing Shaw and the History of Staffordshire
pp. 224-254
Michael Washington Greenslade, George Baugh

A Bibliography of the Writings of S. A. H. Burne
pp. 255-260
Beryl Daniels

Fourth Series Volume VII [1973]
Bishop Geoffrey Blythe’s Visitations c. 1515-1525
pp. 1-214
Peter Heath

Fourth Series Volume VIII [1976]
A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3
Ann J. Kettle

Fourth Series Volume IX [1979]
Roman Catholicism in Elizabethan and Jacobean Staffordshire.
Documents From the Bagot Papers
pp. 1-90
Anthony Gretano Petti

Fourth Series Volume X [1980]
Visitations of the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1829-1841
pp. 1-150
David Robinson

Fourth Series Volume XI [1982]
The Staffordshire Historians
pp. 1-202
Michael Washington Greenslade

Fourth Series Volume XII [1984]
A Map of the County of Stafford by William Yates 1775
Anthony D. M. Phillips
Sheets include:
1 North east Staffordshire
2 North west Staffordshire
3 West Staffordshire
4 East Staffordshire
5 South west Staffordshire
6 South east Staffordshire

Fourth Series Volume XIII [1988]

The 1260 Staffordshire Tallage Assessment
pp. 1-18
Nigel J. Tringham

The Guild of St Mary and St John the Baptist, Lichfield: Ordinances of the
Late Fourteenth Century
pp. 19-26
A. G. Rosser

Lichfield Chapter Acts 1433-61
pp. 27-46
Robert N. Swanson

Supplements to Bishop Blythe’s Visitations
pp. 47-56
Peter Heath

The Gentry of Staffordshire, 1662-1663: Additions to the List
pp. 57-60
Dudley Vincent Fowkes

The Turnpike Network of Staffordshire, 1700-1840: an Introduction and a
Handlist of Turnpike Acts
pp. 61-118
Anthony D. M. Phillips, Brian John Turton

William Yates’s Map of Staffordshire, 1775: further comments
pp. 119-124
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Jonathan Wilson’s Account of the Parish of Biddulph, 1791
pp. 125-135
Douglas A. Johnson

Fourth Series Volume XIV [1990]
T. P. Wood’s Staffordshire. A Selection of Drawings by Thomas Peploe Wood
from the Staffordshire Views in the William Salt Library, Stafford
pp. 1-47
Douglas A. Johnson

Fourth Series Volume XV [1992]
Staffordshire Assize Calendars 1842-1843
pp. 1-109
Douglas A. Johnson

Fourth Series Volume XVI [1994]

A Rental of the Borough of Burton, 1319
pp. 1-51
Denis Gwynne Stuart

A Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Fine Book, 1572
pp. 53-65
Douglas A. Johnson

Matthew Cradock’s Book of Remembrance 1614-15
pp. 67-169
Ann J. Kettle

The Stoke upon Trent Parish Listing, 1701
pp. 171-225
David Alan Gatley, Laura Margaret Midgley, Sheena Bateman

Fourth Series Volume XVII [1996]
The Staffordshire Reports of Andrew Thompson to the Inclosure
Commissioners, 1858-68. Landlord Investment in Staffordshire
Agriculture in the Mid Nineteenth Century
pp. 1-158
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Fourth Series Volume XVIII [1999]
The Forests of Cannock and Kinver: Select Documents 1235-1372
pp. 1-276
Jean R. Birrell

Fourth Series Volume XIX [1999]
Staffordshire Histories. Essays in Honour of Michael Greenslade
pp. 1-304
Philip Joseph Morgan
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Michael Greenslade an Appreciation
pp. 1-4
Christopher Robin Elrington

Leek Before the Conquest
pp. 5-12
Nigel J. Tringham

The Architecture and Romanesque Sculpture of Tutbury Priory
pp. 13-46
Jennifer S. Alexander
James F. King

A Medieval Staffordshire Fraternity: The Guild of St John the Baptist,
pp. 47-65
Robert N. Swanson

Behaving Badly: Lichfield Women in the Later Middle Ages
pp. 67-81
Ann J. Kettle

Adbaston Churchwardens’ Accounts, 1478-1481
pp. 83-96
Philip Joseph Morgan

Fire on the Chase: Rural Riots in Sixteenth Century Staffordshire
pp. 97-126
Christopher J. Harrison

Loyalty and a Good Conscience: The Defection of William, Fifth Baron
Paget, June 1642
pp. 127-156
John Sutton

Service of Truth: Early Quaker Poor Relief in Staffordshire to the Mid-
Eighteenth Century
pp. 157-176
Denis Gwynne Stuart

The Man From Shropshire. Regarding the inspiration for the Chancery
suit in Charles Dickens book ‘Bleak House’ being a case involving the
Cook family of Lane End farm, Onecote
pp. 177-199
George Baugh

Dickens at Stafford, April 1852
pp. 201-216
Douglas A. Johnson

Childhood and Sudden Death in Staffordshire, 1851 and 1860
pp. 217-252
Pamela Sambrook

Revisiting A Golden Age: Agricultural Land Use and Cropping in
Staffordshire, 1840-1870
pp. 253-276
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Fourth Series Volume XX [2004]

Three Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Surveys of Burton Abbey
pp. 1-47
Nigel J. Tringham

Select Documents For the Medieval Borough of Burton upon Trent
pp. 49-58
Nigel J. Tringham

An Alrewas Rental of 1341
pp. 59-81
Jean R. Birrell, Dick Hutchinson

Two Lists of Unbeneficed Clergy in the Archdeaconry of Stafford in 1406
pp. 83-127
Robert N. Swanson

Extracts From a Fifteenth Century Lichfield Cathedral Chapter Act Book
pp. 129-170
Robert N. Swanson

Fourth Series Volume XXI [2007]
The Civil War in Staffordshire in the Spring of 1646: Sir William Brereton’s
Letter Book, April to May 1646
Ivor Carr, Ian J. Atherton

Fourth Series Volume XXII [2009]
Staffordshire Glebe Terriers 1585-1884. Part One- Abbots Bromley to
Sylvia Watts

Fourth Series Volume XXIII [2009]
Staffordshire Glebe Terriers 1585-1884. Part Two- Lapley to Yoxall
Sylvia Watts

Fourth Series Volume XXIV [2010]
Criminal Cases on the Crown Side of King’s Bench: Staffordshire, 1740–1800
Douglas Hay

Fourth Series Volume XXV [2012]
The Letter-Book of Henry, Lord Stafford (1501–63)
Deborah Youngs

Fourth Series Volume XXVI [2018]
Early Modern Stafford and Lichfield

The Black Book of Stafford, 1566 pp. 1-28
Ann J. Kettle and others

The Memoranda Book of Thomas Worswick of Stafford (d. 1626)
pp. 29-76
Matthew Blake

Thomas Worswick’s mayoral feast, 1622
pp. 77-90
Nigel J. Tringham

Three Staffordshire population lists
pp. 93-118
Nigel J. Tringham, Ruth Kidson, Miriam Ridley

Free and Voluntary Present, 1661
pp. 119-132
Ann J. Kettle

Gregory King’s census of Lichfield, 1695 (with 1696 Oath of Association,
1696 Oath of Association, Lichfield return)
pp. 133-234
Ann J. Kettle

Fourth series Volume XXVII [2022]

Local Histories: Essays in Honour of Nigel Tringham

edited by Ian Atherton, Matthew Blake, Andrew Sargent, Alannah Tomkins

The essays which follow are intended as a tribute to Nigel, reflecting the breadth of his own work and support of that of others. They include contributions from a variety of often overlapping worlds including doctoral students he has supervised, and colleagues and associates from the English Place-Name Society, Keele University, the Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society, Staffordshire Archive and Heritage Services, the Staffordshire Record Society, the VCH, and the William Salt Library. They range in time from the early medieval period to the twentieth century, and though the focus is on Staffordshire (with one contribution taking a broader Mercia-and-beyond approach), the essays, like the best of local history, are not geographically narrow but treat their subject as illustrative of wider themes and developments across England.

  • Introduction: Ian Atherton, Matthew Blake, Andrew Sargent, and Alannah Tomkins  pp. 1-9
  • A Bibliography of the published works of Nigel Tringham  pp. 10-13
  • Where was Clofesho? Paul Everson  pp. 15-40
  • The Swine Woods of Domesday Staffordshire, Andrew Sargent pp. 41-71
  • Fiefs, Fonts, and Parish Churches: The Emergence of Staffordshire’s Post-Conquest Religious Landscape, John Hunt  pp. 73-92
  • The Unlucky Family: Thomas, Earl of Stafford (d. 1392), Philip Morgan  pp. 93-113
  • Place-Names, People, and Landscape in Medieval Staffordshire, John Baker, Jayne Carroll, and Susan Kilby  pp. 115-131
  • The Archaeological Potential of Staffordshire Churches, Bob Meeson  pp.133-154
  • Settlement and Change in the Upland Parish of Leek, Faith Cleverdon  pp. 155-174
  • ‘Members of One Another’s Miseries’: The Culture and Politics of War Relief in Seventeenth-Century Staffordshire, David J. Appleby  pp. 175-190
  • ‘There Never was a Viler Wretch in a Place of Dignity’: Thomas Wood as Dean and Bishop of Lichfield, and the Divisions of the Later Stuart Church, Ian Atherton  pp. 191-208
  • Rose Bagnall’s Books: Dissent, Reading, and Gender in Early-Eighteenth-Century Newcastle-under-Lyme, Ann Hughes  pp. 209-226
  • Colliers, Nailers, and Shoemakers: Richard Parrott’s Account of Cottages in the Parish of Audley and Hamlet of Talke, James P. Bowen  pp. 227-249
  • George Tollet (1725–79), a Neglected Staffordshire Historian, Randle W. Knight  pp. 251-265
  • Stafford Infirmary and the ‘Unreformed’ Nurse, 1765–1820, Alannah Tomkins  pp. 267-287
  • Family, Enterprise, Credit, and Community in the Early Nineteenth Century: The Willdeys of Lichfield, Peter Collinge  pp. 289-306
  • Ludchurch: A Staffordshire Wonder Revealed, David Horovitz  pp. 307-324
  • Clayton and Bell at Keele, Robin Studd  pp. 325-332
  • Here Lies the Hare, Matthew Blake  pp. 333-350
  • ‘An Admirable Collection’: Stafford’s Wragge Museum, its Origins, and its Fate, Chris Copp  pp. 351-368
  • A Neglected Source for a Farming Community Snapshot: Land Tax Valuation Survey (1910), Paul Anderton  pp. 369-386
  • The Early Days of the Victoria County History in Staffordshire, John Beckett  pp. 387-403