Fourth Series

Publications: Fourth Series (1955)

Fourth Series Volume I
The Committee at Stafford 1643-1645. The Order Book of the Staffordshire
County Committee
pp. 1-389
Donald Henshaw Pennington
Ivan Alan Roots

Fourth Series Volume II (1958)

The Gentry of Staffordshire 1662-3. Transcribed from Manuscript 100/1 in
the Staffordshire Record Office
pp. 1-41
Ruth M. Kidson

Active Parliamentarians During the Civil Wars, List compiled in 1662
Transcribed from State Paper Domestic SP 29/58/73 in the Public Record
pp. 43-70
Ruth M. Kidson

List of Staffordshire Recusants 1657. Transcribed from manuscript
Q/RRr among the Quarter Sessions Records in the Staffordshire Record
pp. 71-99
Michael Washington Greenslade

Fourth Series Volume III (1960)

The Registrations of Dissenting Chapels and Meeting Houses in
Staffordshire 1689-1853 extracted from the Return in the General
Register Office made under the Protestant Dissenters Act of 1852 (15 and
16 Vic c. 36)
pp. 1-160
Barbara Donaldson

Fourth Series Volume IV (1962)
The Cartulary of Tutbury Priory
pp. 1-289
Avrom Saltman

Fourth Series Volume V (1969)
Probate Inventories of Lichfield and District 1568-1680
pp. 1-307
David George Vaisey

Fourth Series Volume VI (1970)

Essays in Staffordshire History presented to S. A. H. Burne
pp. 1-280
Michael Washington Greenslade

S A H Burne: a Biographical Note
pp. viii-ix
James Sidney Horne

Some Staffordshire Poll Tax Returns
pp. 1-25
Laura Margaret Midgley

Church Lighting in Staffordshire since the Reformation
pp. 26-65
Robert Sherlock

Staffordshire Quarter Sessions: Archives and Procedure in the Earlier
17th Century
pp. 66-85
S. C. Newton

Shugborough, the End of a Village
pp. 86-110
Frederick Blair Stitt

Steam Engine Bache 1670-1712
pp. 111-114
John S. Roper

The Struggle for the Lichfield Interest 1747-1768
pp. 115-135
Ann J. Kettle

Sir Edward Littleton’s Fox Hunting Diary 1774-89
pp. 136-170
M. W. Farr

William Moreton of Willenhall
pp. 171-185
Norman William Tildesley

Joshua Drewry and the first Stafford Newspapers
pp. 186-208
Douglas A. Johnson

The Pledge of Patriotism: Staffordshire and the Voluntary Contribution, 1798
pp. 209-223
David George Vaisey

Stebbing Shaw and the History of Staffordshire
pp. 224-254
Michael Washington Greenslade, George Baugh

A Bibliography of the Writings of S. A. H. Burne
pp. 255-260
Beryl Daniels

Fourth Series Volume VII (1973)
Bishop Geoffrey Blythe’s Visitations c. 1515-1525
pp. 1-214
Peter Heath

Fourth Series Volume VIII (1976)
A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3
Ann J. Kettle

Fourth Series Volume IX (1979)
Roman Catholicism in Elizabethan and Jacobean Staffordshire.
Documents From the Bagot Papers
pp. 1-90
Anthony Gretano Petti

Fourth Series Volume X (1980)
Visitations of the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1829-1841
pp. 1-150
David Robinson

Fourth Series Volume XI [1982]
The Staffordshire Historians
pp. 1-202
Michael Washington Greenslade

Fourth Series Volume XII [1984]
A Map of the County of Stafford by William Yates 1775
Anthony D. M. Phillips
Sheets include:
1 North east Staffordshire
2 North west Staffordshire
3 West Staffordshire
4 East Staffordshire
5 South west Staffordshire
6 South east Staffordshire

Fourth Series Volume XIII [1988]

The 1260 Staffordshire Tallage Assessment
pp. 1-18
Nigel J. Tringham

The Guild of St Mary and St John the Baptist, Lichfield: Ordinances of the
Late Fourteenth Century
pp. 19-26
A. G. Rosser

Lichfield Chapter Acts 1433-61
pp. 27-46
Robert N. Swanson

Supplements to Bishop Blythe’s Visitations
pp. 47-56
Peter Heath

The Gentry of Staffordshire, 1662-1663: Additions to the List
pp. 57-60
Dudley Vincent Fowkes

The Turnpike Network of Staffordshire, 1700-1840: an Introduction and a
Handlist of Turnpike Acts
pp. 61-118
Anthony D. M. Phillips, Brian John Turton

William Yates’s Map of Staffordshire, 1775: further comments
pp. 119-124
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Jonathan Wilson’s Account of the Parish of Biddulph, 1791
pp. 125-135
Douglas A. Johnson

Fourth Series Volume XIV [1990]
T. P. Wood’s Staffordshire. A Selection of Drawings by Thomas Peploe Wood
from the Staffordshire Views in the William Salt Library, Stafford
pp. 1-47
Douglas A. Johnson

Fourth Series Volume XV [1992]
Staffordshire Assize Calendars 1842-1843
pp. 1-109
Douglas A. Johnson

Fourth Series Volume XVI [1994]

A Rental of the Borough of Burton, 1319
pp. 1-51
Denis Gwynne Stuart

A Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Fine Book, 1572
pp. 53-65
Douglas A. Johnson

Matthew Cradock’s Book of Remembrance 1614-15
pp. 67-169
Ann J. Kettle

The Stoke upon Trent Parish Listing, 1701
pp. 171-225
David Alan Gatley, Laura Margaret Midgley, Sheena Bateman

Fourth Series Volume XVII [1996]
The Staffordshire Reports of Andrew Thompson to the Inclosure
Commissioners, 1858-68. Landlord Investment in Staffordshire
Agriculture in the Mid Nineteenth Century
pp. 1-158
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Fourth Series Volume XVIII [1999]
The Forests of Cannock and Kinver: Select Documents 1235-1372
pp. 1-276
Jean R. Birrell

Fourth Series Volume XIX [1999]
Staffordshire Histories. Essays in Honour of Michael Greenslade
pp. 1-304
Philip Joseph Morgan
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Michael Greenslade an Appreciation
pp. 1-4
Christopher Robin Elrington

Leek Before the Conquest
pp. 5-12
Nigel J. Tringham

The Architecture and Romanesque Sculpture of Tutbury Priory
pp. 13-46
Jennifer S. Alexander
James F. King

A Medieval Staffordshire Fraternity: The Guild of St John the Baptist,
pp. 47-65
Robert N. Swanson

Behaving Badly: Lichfield Women in the Later Middle Ages
pp. 67-81
Ann J. Kettle

Adbaston Churchwardens’ Accounts, 1478-1481
pp. 83-96
Philip Joseph Morgan

Fire on the Chase: Rural Riots in Sixteenth Century Staffordshire
pp. 97-126
Christopher J. Harrison

Loyalty and a Good Conscience: The Defection of William, Fifth Baron
Paget, June 1642
pp. 127-156
John Sutton

Service of Truth: Early Quaker Poor Relief in Staffordshire to the Mid-
Eighteenth Century
pp. 157-176
Denis Gwynne Stuart

The Man From Shropshire. Regarding the inspiration for the Chancery
suit in Charles Dickens book ‘Bleak House’ being a case involving the
Cook family of Lane End farm, Onecote
pp. 177-199
George Baugh

Dickens at Stafford, April 1852
pp. 201-216
Douglas A. Johnson

Childhood and Sudden Death in Staffordshire, 1851 and 1860
pp. 217-252
Pamela Sambrook

Revisiting A Golden Age: Agricultural Land Use and Cropping in
Staffordshire, 1840-1870
pp. 253-276
Anthony D. M. Phillips

Fourth Series Volume XX [2004]

Three Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Surveys of Burton Abbey
pp. 1-47
Nigel J. Tringham

Select Documents For the Medieval Borough of Burton upon Trent
pp. 49-58
Nigel J. Tringham

An Alrewas Rental of 1341
pp. 59-81
Jean R. Birrell, Dick Hutchinson

Two Lists of Unbeneficed Clergy in the Archdeaconry of Stafford in 1406
pp. 83-127
Robert N. Swanson

Extracts From a Fifteenth Century Lichfield Cathedral Chapter Act Book
pp. 129-170
Robert N. Swanson

Fourth Series Volume XXI [2007]
The Civil War in Staffordshire in the Spring of 1646: Sir William Brereton’s
Letter Book, April to May 1646
Ivor Carr, Ian J. Atherton

Fourth Series Volume XXII [2009]
Staffordshire Glebe Terriers 1585-1884. Part One- Abbots Bromley to
Sylvia Watts

Fourth Series Volume XXIII [2009]
Staffordshire Glebe Terriers 1585-1884. Part Two- Lapley to Yoxall
Sylvia Watts

Fourth Series Volume XXIV [2010]
Criminal Cases on the Crown Side of King’s Bench: Staffordshire, 1740–1800
Douglas Hay

Fourth Series Volume XXV [2012]
The Letter-Book of Henry, Lord Stafford (1501–63)
Deborah Youngs

Fourth Series Volume XXVI [2018]
Early Modern Stafford and Lichfield

The Black Book of Stafford, 1566 pp. 1-28
Ann J. Kettle and others

The Memoranda Book of Thomas Worswick of Stafford (d. 1626)
pp. 29-76
Matthew Blake

Thomas Worswick’s mayoral feast, 1622
pp. 77-90
Nigel J. Tringham

Three Staffordshire population lists
pp. 93-118
Nigel J. Tringham, Ruth Kidson, Miriam Ridley

Free and Voluntary Present, 1661
pp. 119-132
Ann J. Kettle

Gregory King’s census of Lichfield, 1695 (with 1696 Oath of Association,
1696 Oath of Association, Lichfield return)
pp. 133-234
Ann J. Kettle